Selecting Better Pets
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Selecting Better Pets

After we started thinking more seriously about expanding our family, my husband brought up the idea of getting a pet or two. While I was completely against the concept at first, I realized that it might be helpful for our children to warm up to the idea before having another sibling. We got a dog and our kids were tasked with the job of feeding it every day and doing other tasks, and it was amazing to see how much the animal helped our family to grow. Pets can be a wonderful addition to a home, which is why I made this blog. Check out these fun pet posts.

Selecting Better Pets

Why Should You Vaccinate Your Pets?

Natalie Baker

Vaccinating your pets is one of the best things you can do for them. It helps protect their health from common diseases, some of which can be debilitating or fatal. If you need a few more reasons why you should vaccinate your pets, here are three of them.

1. Protect at-risk pets.

Most pets can be vaccinated, but some cannot due to their age or health status. Very young, old, or sick dogs shouldn't be vaccinated because it can lead to complications with their weaker immune systems. Instead, you should vaccinate all the other pets in your house who are eligible for vaccination. Herd immunity will help to keep your other pets safe, since they won't contract an illness from the pet who was vaccinated.

2. Allow your pet to socialize.

Socialization is important for pets of all ages, but it's especially important for young pets who are still learning about the world. Socialization helps your pet learn to get along with other people and animals. Unfortunately, it can make your pet sick if they haven't had all their shots. Other pets may have illnesses which they could pass onto your animal. Vaccinations offer your animal another layer of protection, so they can play with other animals without fear of illness.

3. Take your pet to a daycare or boarding facility.

People who need to stay out of the house for hours at a time sometimes like to leave their pets in a daycare. This allows your pet to have company during the day, and animal daycare facilities employ caring attendants who can see to your animal's needs. Boarding facilities function on the same concept, but they accept animals for overnight stays, which is useful for anyone who needs to go away on a trip. All daycare and boarding facilities require animals to be vaccinated before they'll be accepted. This is done to protect the safety of your pet and other people's pets. If you plan to utilize one of these facilities, you'll want to have your animal vaccinated ahead of time. Bring your pet's vaccination records with you to prove that they've had all their shots.

Take your pet to your local veterinarian office or animal hospital to get them up to date on their vaccinations. If you're visiting a new veterinarian for the first time, you should bring your pet's records with you so they know which vaccinations have already been administered. If your pet's records aren't available, your vet will be able to determine which shots have already been given using a blood test.