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Selecting Better Pets

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Selecting Better Pets

Trim These Parts Of Your Cockapoo Frequently For Style And Function

Natalie Baker

When you bring a cockapoo puppy into your family, you'll have a high-energy dog that won't bother family members with pet allergies. As your dog gets accustomed to its new surroundings, you'll need to get acquainted with the care methods that will help it to thrive. A cockapoo requires regular grooming sessions to look its best, but you may also want to buy a pair of grooming scissors so that you can trim select areas in between your visits to the groomer. The dog's fur grows quickly, and being able to tidy up certain spots will offer style and function. Here are some areas that you should trim regularly.

Around The Eyes

It might seem a little scary to trim around the eyes of your new cockapoo, but when you have one family member hold the dog to keep it still, you'll be able to do your job with ease. Cockapoos often require trimming around their eyes so that they can see well. When their fur gets long in this area, it can start to hang in front of the eyes, resulting in an obstacle to proper vision. Additionally, the dog can look a little dopey with long fur in this area, so a bit of attention with your grooming scissors will clean everything up.

Around The Snout

You'll also want to get in the habit of trimming around the dog's snout in between your regular grooming sessions. A cockapoo's fur can get long in this area quickly, and this can result in it having a messy appearance. Additionally, long hair on each side of the snout will get coated in food and absorb water when the dog eats and drinks. Even with its long tongue, the dog may struggle to keep this area clean, resulting in it looking a little unkempt. When the fur is shorter, it will collect less food.

On The Ears

A cockapoo's ears get furry quickly after a professional grooming session, so you should get comfortable with giving them a light trim whenever you feel there's a need. A dog with heavy fur around its ears can get hot in the summer months, so keeping the ears tidy is valuable for keeping your dog a comfortable temperature. When the ear fur gets too long, it can also drag in the dog's dish while it eats, sometimes resulting in particles of food getting stuck in the fur.

Talk to a cockapoo breeder for more tips.