Selecting Better Pets
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Selecting Better Pets

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Selecting Better Pets

Are You Worried Your Animal Rescue Isn't Going To Make It? Find A Consultant Today

Natalie Baker

There is a lot of responsibility, liability, and work that goes into running an animal rescue, and sometimes this is not a business that is easy to stay profitable in. If you are currently struggling to keep your rescue open, it is time to consult with the experts.

An animal rescue business consultant should be found before it is too late. Here are some of the things the consultant will be able to go over with you so you can move forward and get on a sturdy financial path.

Financial Overview

The consultants will look at all the financial aspects of your business and will evaluate the past few years of operations. This includes all the following factors:

  • Monthly expenses and bills like utilities and payroll
  • Current debts
  • Assets
  • Profit margins on work
  • Taxes

Once they have totaled your costs for everything from insurance to preordering equipment needed for work, they will see where you are losing money and making the most money. This will help them determine where you need to cut spending.

Operations Efficiency

The consultants will want to see how long it takes to rescue an animal, what the cost for the rescue and for the care afterwards is, and how this could be more efficient. This includes everything from the type of vehicles you drive to the staff you need to train.

Ordering food and finding a better facility for your business may also be necessary. There may be small changes that make big differences in the care of your animals and the way that you rescue.

Long-Term Plans

Not only will the consultant help you focus on what needs to change immediately if you are worried about paying bills month to month, but together, you will create a long-term plan. This plan allows you to start putting some money away each month. With more money, you can take on more rescues, make renovations or facility changes, or just have backup money for times when finances are strained.

If you are passionate about the work you do with your animal rescue and you are struggling to keep the business running because of financial reasons, these are some of the things that need to change. Find a consultant who specializes in helping animal rescues become more efficient and make a change to find relief quickly and to put the long-term plans you need to have into motion.