Selecting Better Pets
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Selecting Better Pets

After we started thinking more seriously about expanding our family, my husband brought up the idea of getting a pet or two. While I was completely against the concept at first, I realized that it might be helpful for our children to warm up to the idea before having another sibling. We got a dog and our kids were tasked with the job of feeding it every day and doing other tasks, and it was amazing to see how much the animal helped our family to grow. Pets can be a wonderful addition to a home, which is why I made this blog. Check out these fun pet posts.

Selecting Better Pets

2 Things To Know Before You Buy Your First Lizard

Natalie Baker

If you have always wanted to have a lizard, this may be the time for you to do it. But, before you go out and buy your first lizard, you want to make sure that you are ready. Here are some tips that you can use that will help you be ready to take your new lizard home and keep them safe. 


One of the things that you need to do is make sure that you know what the ideal diet of your new lizard is. You want to make sure that they are going to be healthy, and eating the right food is one good way to make that happen. In order to make sure that you know what kind of food you should feed your lizard, spend some time on websites or reading books about the kind of lizard you want. While you are looking up what kind of food you should feed your new pet, make sure that they are going to be things that you can afford and that they are things that you aren't going to be squeamish handling. For example, if your lizard needs to have live food, that may be hard for you to handle, so you need to be prepared for that. 

Wild vs. Bred

When you buy your lizard, you need to know where it came from. That means that you need to know if it is wild-caught or if it was bought from a breeder. There are a couple of reasons why you want to know this. One is that there are ethical issues with catching wild animals to sell as pets, especially for animals that are already in fragile states. Another is that wild-caught animals can carry parasites and other diseases that you are going to have to handle before you can enjoy your pet. An animal that is captive-bred is generally going to be healthier because the breeder is going to have a lot of control over the situation where the lizards are being kept, and a reputable breeder is going to make sure that all of their breeding animals are healthy and kept in safe spaces. 

Getting a lizard can be really exciting, and they can make really good pets. But if you are going to buy one for the first time, you need to make sure that you are going to be able to handle the lizard the way that you should. 

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